alerts add
This command contains an input menu. Run the command with no arguments, and you will then be shown a menu to input values.
This command requires the Manage Server permission.


Adds a new cryptocurrency price alert to the server.


/alerts add

Menu Input

1. crypto
2. price
3. type (if numeric price set)
4. channel
Description: Cryptocurrency to add price alert for.
Valid Inputs: Symbol or name of a valid cryptocurrency.
Argument Examples: btc ETH litecoin
Description: The price at which you would like an alert at.
Valid Inputs: Price separated by fiat. Or ath instead of a numeric price to alert when crypto reaches an all-time high.
Argument Examples: btc ETH litecoin
Description: If you want to be alerted when the price of the crypto reaches over or under your target price, or Neither if you designated in price that you would like the alert to be an ATH alert. .
Valid Inputs: Over or Under or Neither
Description: Channel for the alert to be sent in.
Input: Select channel from the dropdown.


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