Getting Started

Everything from inviting BitBot to your server to configuring our most popular features.

Adding BitBot to Your Server

Adding a bot to your server requires the Manage Server permission

BitBot Invite Link:

BitBot uses slash commands. Type / and click on the BitBot logo to get started running our commands (tip - start by running /help):

Customizing BitBot

Now that BitBot is installed and configured in your server, here are some things to do to customize your server experience.

Additionally, server configurations can be made through our web dashboard:

Add a channel to receive crypto news

BitBot allows you to designate a channel where the latest news in cryptocurrency will be delivered

news configure

Create a price alert

BitBot allows you to create alerts in your server for when a cryptocurrency reaches certain prices. You can use the alert manager to add, show, or delete these alert configurations.

alerts manage

Follow a crypto price in a channel

BitBot allows you to designate a channel where updated on a crypto price will be periodically posted. You can use the follow manager to add, show, or delete these configurations.

follows manage

Support Community

We understand that configuring and using Discord bots is not easy. Join our support server to get all your questions answered and suggestions heard:

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