Getting Started

Adding BitBot to Your Server

Adding a bot to your server requires the Manage Server permission
BitBot Invite Link:
  • Click the invite link and select the server you would like to add the bot to.
  • Acknowledge and accept the permissions that the bot requires.

Bot Permissions

Send Messages
The bot will be able to send messages when commands are performed.
Embed Links
Links sent by the bot will be embedded properly.
Attach Files
The bot will be able to attach images such as graphs if needed.
Add Reactions
To bot will be able to add reactions to messages which use reaction controls. Such as scrolling through the graphs with arrow reactions.
Manage Messages (Optional/Recommended)
The bot will be able to manage reactions on messages to make reaction controls smoother.
Manage Emojis
The bot will be able to add cryptocurrency icons as server emojis when the addemoji command is run.

Configuring Prefixes

Setting a prefix requires the Manage Server permission.
  • The default prefix is: >
  • To view the current server prefix run: @BitBot prefix
  • To set a new server prefix run @BitBot setprefix [prefix]

Further Customizations

Now that you have BitBot installed and setup, here are some things to do to customize your server experience.

Add a channel to receive crypto news

Create a price alert

Follow a crypto price in a channel

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