Privacy Policy

BitBot ("BitBot", "we", "us", "our") values your privacy; accordingly we have put together this privacy policy to ensure that our users can be aware of how their information is used by our services. By using any services offered by BitBot, you agree to the policy stated below.

Data Collection

BitBot only collects and stores personal information if absolutely necessary to the function of our services. This includes (primarily but not only), data from Discord such as internal identifiers to power server customizations for our bot.

Our data is only stored for as long as it is necessary to provide service. All data about a server is scheduled to be deleted upon the Discord bot leaving the server, however we cannot guarantee uptime or proper functionality of the feature during such event. If at anytime you have questions about the data stored about your server, or would like to request that data to be wiped, you may open a support ticket on the Discord support server or send an email to

We will never share any information stored with any third-parties unless required to do so by law enforcement.

Billing Information

BitBot offers various subscription based Premium plans for users that want to unlock additional features. Payment and usage of these subscriptions are subject to our privacy policy.

Payment Information

Payment information that you use to purchase our subscription based products is handled by Stripe, Inc. and is subject to their terms of service and policies. We can not directly access the sensitive payment data (eg. credit card numbers) on the payment methods that you link to your Stripe customer profile, and can only charge them as necessary.

Personal Information

Stripe collects email addresses, names, and zip codes for users that pay for a subscription - we do not store this data. We reserve the right to access the email address provided if needed for billing contact.


Some unhandled and unidentifiable Discord bot exceptions will be logged and viewable to our development team in order to ensure that bugs are identified and fixed as quick as possible.

Error logs may contain identifying information about the Discord server or user if it is relevant to the origin of the exception. These logs will be deleted as soon as the development team deems they are no longer needed. They may also be deleted upon request in our Discord support server.

External Services

The BitBot website(s) uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure user interaction with site content. To learn about how Google uses data collected from partner sites you may visit their Privacy and Terms Page.

BitBot uses Statcord to analyze usage of the bot. Statcord collects personally identifiable information such as user ids as well as usage data. You may view their privacy policy here:

Legal inquiries should be communicated via email to Additionally, you may join our Discord support community to communicate any informal legal concerns.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy (this document) without notice.

Last updated: 16th February, 2023

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