Slash Commands

Learn about the switch from text to slash commands, and everything you need to know about their configuration.
As of June 2022, BitBot is announcing the deprecation of text based commands for our Discord bot. Text based commands are traditional commands that you are used to, typing in a prefix followed by a command with its arguments. Users are expected to instead use the refined slash command alternatives. Most core text commands are still supported (news/follow/alert configuration text commands are already discontinued), but support will be completely discontinued by the end of August.

What are Slash Commands?

Slash commands are a new way for users to interact with their favorite bots by simply typing / into their client, and seeing a list of bot commands, with built in descriptions and validation. Slash commands make it easy to browse through and execute bot commands.

Why Slash Commands

Apart from the aesthetic and functional advantages that slash commands bring to BitBot, we are rolling out this major update now because Discord is requiring most bot developers to make this switch by the end of August, with bots otherwise losing access to information required to be able to sustain text based commands.

Configuring BitBot Slash Commands

With the adoption of slash commands comes some responsibility for server administrators to ensure that they are properly configured and usable for all parties in the server.

Existing Users

If your server has been using BitBot before this update, it is important that you follow this step to ensure your bot is configured properly. Without kicking BitBot from your server, reinvite the bot to your server from the updated link at Following this link without removing the bot from your server will update the permissions just fine - otherwise you will likely lose data (follows, alerts, news).

Command Options

Once slash commands are configured in your server, you can customize specific commands, with who can use them and where they can be used. To view these command settings, go to Settings -> Integrations -> BitBot

Other Notes

Upon command updates, which should be infrequent but can be exemplified by the recent creation of all the commands, it could take some time for changes to reflect on your Discord client. We have found that changes may reflect faster if you refresh your client (most commonly done by Ctrl+R). If you are an existing user, and BitBot slash commands still don't show up for you, please contact support.

Using Slash Commands

Using slash commands is as simple as typing / into Discord and selecting one of the command options seen under the BitBot logo. From there you may view our command documentation, or follow the built in argument descriptions.