follows add
This command contains an input menu. Run the command with no arguments, and you will then be shown a menu to input values.
This command requires the Manage Server permission.


Adds a new cryptocurrency follow configuration to the server.


/follows add

Menu Input

1. crypto
2. base
3. time interval
4. channel
Description: Cryptocurrency to add price update for.
Valid Inputs: Symbol or name of a valid cryptocurrency.
Argument Examples: btc ETH litecoin
Description: The base currency to display the crypto price against.
Valid Inputs: Valid fiat code, or symbol of one of the few major cryptos supported as base currencies.
Default: usd
Argument Examples: eur TRY btc
Description: How often to send a price update.
Valid Inputs: Valid time (number followed by d h m s).
Argument Examples: 1h 30m 3d
Description: Channel for the alert to be sent in.
Input: Select channel from the dropdown.


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